Then & Now

In Family on Sat 26Apr08 at 8:10 PM

Here’s a picture of Joli on a recent Saturday helping me to clean the truck. The truck that we no longer possess. The truck that has gone “the way of all the earth” as opne ancient prophet put it. Unlike the van which bit the dust in such an odious manner as to shock and revolt our senses, this vehicle came into and out of our lives in a much more melancholy fashion (at least melancholy is how I feel when I reflect on my “cherry truck”). Melancholy describes the feeling of withdrawal that I will certainly feel for some time to come when I climb into the car that replaced the truck. Facts being what they are this was a case of the truck that loves to suck gas! I had to face the truth: once your vehicle takes $80 to fill you have to reevaluate your commitment to large gas-sucking engines. It’s hard to determine who to blame for this tragedy in the run up of fossil fuel prices and frankly it’s probably a consortium of competing interests anyway thus taking the blame and/or responsibility out of the hands of any single entity. Perhaps we have been spoiled in this country for too long as I understand fuel prices overseas have exceeded ours for many years. So perhaps some drilling close to home is advised? What are we waiting for? The foreign interests (think De Beers of Oil) who have us by the short ones are not going to let go as long as we passively “go along”. We either need super efficient (we can send men into space but can’t create a car that gets 50+ mi/gal? c’mon I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night!) cars or immediate expansion of our oil reserves based on supply we have demanded AND OBTAINED from our own properties and territories. SIDE BENEFIT: American jobs created by large-scale exploration couldn’t hurt the economy! Spoiler: the $ being used to finance the economy stimulus package is borrowed!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Soooo I now have a car. The gas mileage will be better but I think the bicycle will continue to get more use as it has for the past few weeks. There’s something about riding by a chock-full gas station on a bicycle that elevates the soul! With gas rocketing skyward I am feeling the strain of finding a new method of cutting down the cost of doing business with big oil. I wish you luck friend as you pursue the same course!


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