The Breaking Dawn Party!!

In Family, Family and Friends on Sat 2Aug08 at 6:00 AM

So we're at the Breaking Dawn party @ Barnes & Noble in Pensacola. The teenage girls are edging out all other genres by abt 5 to 1. The theme of the event is the Forks High School Prom so consequently there are a ton of prom dresses (a great way 2 get some x-tra mileage out of a customarily one-time outfit) . We have been 2 a number of these events and each has had its appeal. This one is nice as the author of this series is LDS and seems 2 be a faithful member. Wal Mart is next 2 actually buy the book. It's 12:50 AM and we have finally arrived home! If I were a vampire I wouldn't be tired right now…


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