Media "Hurricane Palin" Rages On!

In In the News on Wed 3Sep08 at 2:16 AM

I posted a few vids of the recent Bristol Palin pregnancy flap and they’ve been getting tons of views (clearly everyone is interested in how this will play out). The interest in this story has all but eclipsed the Democratic effort to get some air time (as long as you don’t include the liberal media’s tireless effort to denigrate SP and her “family values” and her “lack” of experience). I think we should all move on to issues facing the country (although I will admit teen pregnancy is certainly one of them!). I have baited breath to see her speak tomorrow! The pundits are saying she won’t say anything anout her daughter…I don’t know her any better than anyone else in the blogosphere at the moment but I think she’ll continue to buck conventional wisdom and at least mention it. Stay tuned…

The guy in the scout uniform in this pic is going to be the most famous scouter in the USA if this continues! Let’s hear a little about him!!


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