Lest We Forget 11 Sep 01 Remembrance

In In the News, Military, Spiritual on Fri 12Sep08 at 2:24 AM

Where were you on that fateful day? I remember the moment I realized what was REALLY happening. I was on military assignment to Hurlburt Field, FL taking a course in Joint Aerospace Command and Control (JAC2C). The classroom we were in was a large auditorium with a floor to ceiling screen at the front. We (all branches officer and enlisted) all watched in frozen horror as the two NY landmarks fell and later as the Pentagon and other targets were revealed. It was a shocking, audacious, COWARDLY act that seemed to be to me at the time the “Pearl Harbor” of this generation. It was a shocking bitter experience to hear of the number of the innocent who persihed that day 7 years ago.

I hope we never forget the despicable acts of that day and vow to fight those who would do such a thing endlessly. Everything changed that day. I got a USA Today newspaper the next morning. I have yet to be able to look at it. It sits in my closet. I can’t bear to read it or to throw it away…


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