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In Family, In the News on Tue 4Nov08 at 1:56 AM

So the latest news from Team Laws intl HQ is that I have been hired for a new job (more specifically a job transfer) in the great state of Ga!! I got final word earlier this afternoon from the Vice President of East Coast Operations for Metson that I have been approved to be the Project Manager for the King’s Bay site for Metson Marine Services (the company I have been working for in Pensacola as a Rescue Swimmer for 2 years). The PM job represents a considerable promotion for me and allow me to continue to grow professionally within the company and also in the maritime industry. Metson was recently awarded a contract for maintenance and other watercraft services aboard the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The Base is beautiful and very spacious and there are tons of cool places to visit nearby. We are especially excited to be closer to a Temple (Orlando, 3 hrs).

We’re very excited for this opportunity to see another part of the Southeast and though we figured if we moved again it would be west of Pensacola; it appears there is just a bit further east we can go (next stop the Bahamas?).

Anyhow I will be heading over there later this week and starting permanently next week. Becky and the kids will join once the house is sold. Anyone looking for a great deal on a great house in Pensacola should hook up with our realtor Michelle Schoonover ASAP. We are indeed sad to leave Pensacola (again) and will leave behind MANY great friends and indeed “family” members. The good news is that the King’s Bay area is only 400 miles from Pensacola and so we should have the opportunity to see all of the old faces from time to time. I’ll say in advance (and though it goes without saying) of the move that our casa is always open for visitors! I took some shots of the base and a bit of the neighborhood when I was up there several weeks ago. More Details to follow…

  1. Awesome! Congratulations! I hope you guys like it there as much as Pensacola. Good luck with the move.

  2. Congratulations on the promotion. We have a lot of fond memories of Pensacola too. Good to hear from you. Check out our blog sometime if you want.
    -Gent family

  3. Congrats on the new job!!

  4. Wow! change happens, but it is nice to know that as it does I have more friends in more places. We will miss you, but know you will be near us as the gospel keeps us close.

    Best of luck in the house hunt,

    Love, Kathleen Bradshaw

  5. Oh my goodness, I am a little late on the update, but Congratualtions! I am so sad you won’t be there when we get back, I was looking forward to seeing all of you, and will miss the familiar faces. Let us know how things are going for you, and Congrats again!

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