Is This the Death of Capitalism?

In In the News on Tue 10Feb09 at 11:45 AM

Somebody Stop The Before They SPEND Again!

Somebody Stop The Before They SPEND Again!

In sports, in school, in nature, and in life there are winners and because they exist so do losers. On the field and in the classroom there is achievement and there is the opposite (i.e. those who pass and those who fail).

In the economy there is success and there is (wait for it…) there is more success (fueled by a “bailout”).

I continue to be concerned at the new rules being foisted on the American people daily by the Obama Administration. Preventing every bank from failing is madness. Preventing every car maker from folding is folly. Preventing the inevitable is a waste of already overspent monies.

Sometimes puppies starve, sometimes you don’t win, sometimes suffering must be “passed through” rather than “passed on” (in this case to the next generation). We (this country) have enough problems without adding to the trauma. Suffering now will surely mediate suffering later.

By the way, when it comes to the bailout is anyone else thinking the government sounds a bit like an overzealous car salesman insisting “you take it home tonight” rather than considering your options. With billions (and dare I say it) and maybe trillions in the balance we are on the wrong path. The 3 Republicans who voted with the Dems need to have their heads examined. I’m sorry I think we need a “cooling off” period on this one. Slow down the the crazy train!

We Know Theres a Problem and No, We Dont Know How to Fix It!

Houston: We Know There's a Problem and No, We Don't Know How to Fix It!


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