DO NOT Give Nadya a Reality Show!

In News of the Alarming on Thu 12Feb09 at 12:25 PM

The Latest Outrage

The Latest Outrage

This will be the worst thing ever if any network gives Nadya Suleman a reality show. THIS IS NOT REALITY! I mean this is not the type of reality that should be embraced and validated. This is at best UN-reality of the highest order.

I am hopeful she will not find a taker on this but fearful that she will. There are enough takers in this world and I believe some network (or groups of networks) will pick up the thread of this tragic set of circumstances and try to make a buck off of it. The fact that no one can turn away from this fabulously crazy and disturbed woman is undeniable but providing her a platform for profit is the absolute wrong answer.

She has created (or caused to be created) a website which among other things solicits donations. If there is some way to keep her from getting more manicures and collagen injections in her lips maybe this is a good thing FOR THE CHILDREN. I find myself confused at the hubris of this woman who thinks of no one but herself.

That she lives in a splintered, compartmented mental world where the boundaries of truth are known only to her and she dispenses that which she has carefully choreographed to herself is certain. That she has had accomplices and enablers  in her path to the current gulf of woe (think of the kids here) in which she sails is also of little doubt.That I continue to be irritated and disgusted with this story is a sure thing as well.

  1. Her show will be on right after “Me and Kate plus 8” or whatever that show was called. The family that had sextuplets. It’ll be a show, and Ford will give her one of those vans like they gave the sextuplet family, huggies and pampers will donate boxes and boxes of diapers, formula, bottles, cause you know she can’t nurse 8 babies. These companies help out with multiples because it’s good for business.

  2. Nadya Suleman should be locked up and her kids put up for adoption. This whole thing is a travesty.

  3. This woman is an absolute embarrassment to the human race – and I would hope and pray that people would boycott any reality show she would be granted. She is sick in the head, and should be committed, and her children should be adopted to GOOD LOVING HOMES – everyone likes to see a train wreck now and again, but enough is enough with this despicable person.

  4. If this idiot gets a reality show, then we all need to tell the sponsors we’re boycotting their products.

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