When Having it All is Not Enough

In Bizarro World, In the News, News of the Alarming, Tragedy on Wed 2Dec09 at 11:20 AM


So today the truth continues to ebb out of the crypt-like fortress of PR resistance that Tiger Woods and his minions have built around his personal life. A second woman who claims (and is not recanting) she had a long-running affair with Woods has come forward (with all of the sordid digital details). Tiger bravely (exaggeration) posted on his web site his contrition. Clearly that’ll not soothe the savage media beast which is now ravenous for some tiger-meat. I guess he and his family (the true victims) should belt in and prepare for the high-spin cycle.

I predict in the next day or two the “Tiger-gates” will be wholly down, the walls in crumbles, and Nancy Grace herself reporting from Tiger’s back porch. The media firestorm that has been brewing is likely to run to heretofore unseen heat levels. Everyone stand back.  It’s about to get really hot in here.


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